About me

Hello! I’m Jessie Leung, a software developer from Sydney, Australia. As part of my job, I help develop software applications, and work alongside other talented software developers, business analysts, experience designers and quality analysts. I have a love for client-side & frontend technologies, teaching and travelling.


Senior Software Developer @ ThoughtWorks Australia (2015 - Present)

I’m a consultant and a software developer at ThoughtWorks Australia, where I help deliver high quality software as part of an Agile team. Language agnostic, full-stack.

Summer Research Assistant @ University of Sydney (2015)

Conducted preliminary research on the potential relationship between Western and alternative medicines for particular conditions and outcomes. Provided data visualisation capabilities to study complex medicinal relations using Python.


Workshop Facilitator & Presenter

Occasionally I’ve hosted a meetup and/or presented a workshop/talk. Some ones to note:

Writer @ Medium

I write on Medium as a hobby. I’ve published under publications such as Better Programming, e.g. The Benefits of Pair Programming which have been featured in Medium’s Software Engineering and Programming topics.